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Varios políticos de Virginia Occidental, EE.UU ., se enfermaron en el año 2016 después de ingerir leche cruda para celebrar la aprobación de una nueva legislación que eliminaba la prohibición de su consumo en el estado. La noticia del diario británico Clearance Many Kinds Of DKNY Floral Pattern OffTheShoulder Tunic Buy Cheap Exclusive Cheap Sale Eastbay Wide Range Of Cheap Online Cheap Sale Latest us1K5g
ha vuelto a circular estos días por las redes sociales catalanas, después de que la Generalitat haya un decreto de venta directa de leche cruda de vaca.

Según informaba el rotativo, los afectados se sintieron indispuestos inmediatamente después de beber la leche, pero rechazaron que el motivo fuera la leche cruda y algunos apuntaron a que era “ una coincidencia ”.

Una de las afectadas, Pat, señaló en declaraciones al diario local WSAZ que su indisposición se debía, probablemente, “a algún tipo de virus estomacal”. “Definitivamente hay otros compañeros que presentan los mismos síntomas que he estado experimentando”, apuntó. McGeehan dijo que había bebido una pequeña cantidad de leche a manos de Scott Cadle, un productor de leche cruda.

La consumieron para celebrar que la ley que regula su ingesta había sido aprobada

Esta misma semana, en el marco de la aprobación por parte de la Generalitat de la ingesta de leche cruda, la Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios ( OCU ) alertó en un comunicado el pasado viernes de los peligros de su consumo .

La organización avisó de que la leche cruda no ha sido sometida a un proceso de pasteurización, por lo que puede contener bacterias patógenas y su consumo puede ocasionar problemas graves, especialmente en niños, embarazadas y personas mayores, entre ellos casos de meningitis bacteriana.

Tras la polémica suscitada, la consellera de Agricultura, Teresa Jordà, se ha mostrado a favor del consumo de este producto y ha asegurado que el sector está muy controlado y que sus riesgos son mínimos. En declaraciones al programa Via Lliure de Rac1, además, ha asegurado que ingerirla puede tener el mismo peligro “que un muslo de pollo que tienes en la nevera durante cuatro semanas”.

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I've been running into a few issues when updating existing reports to the Service:

I'm almost certain all of the above is due to my team taking the orignal desktop file, making a copy of it (as to preserve the original), making updates to the copied version, then publishing the copied version. The copied version gets a slightly different file name such as Test Report 1.2. (1.2 just stands for report id 1, version 2).

Power Bi the Service treats the copied version as an entirely new report. That makes sense to me.

My question is how do you guys do version control and maintain your reports so that the original properly gets updated on the service without having a new report added and having to delete the outdated one?

Of the top of my head, the fix is to always make updates to the orgianl file. But what if you make some changes that are not what you intended and save over the orginal. How would you go back to that prior state?

Please let me know how the rest of you are doing it!!

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Re: Maintaining version control best practices? How to only update publish from original file?

No such option available as of now. My recomendation is to maintain the versions on local PC/ Cloud storage and always upload the same file name.

E.g. MonthlySales.pbix should be uploaded always.

But you can have MonthlySales_1.01.pbix ,MonthlySales1.02.pbix on your storage for reference.

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Re: Maintaining version control best practices? How to only update publish from original file?

an hour ago

Two findings in this study were unanticipated. During the 16 study observations, 27 pharmacy deliveries were made to the medication areas. Likewise, several conversations about medication preparation occurred between a nurse preceptor and an orientee. Neither of these findings was included as an interruption because it was not clear whether a true interruption had occurred.

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Next Section

Medication errors are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients. 26 In ICUs where medications comprise a significant proportion of a patient’s treatment regimen and where medication preparation and administration are primarily nursing functions, evidence-based interventions are needed.

The NIZ is a way to implement the policies associated with the sterile cockpit into the health care setting. In an ICU environment, where patient care is complex and uncertain, distractions and interruptions during medication preparation can affect medication safety by creating errors in any 1 of the 5 “rights” of medication administration (the right medication, the right dose, the right time, the right patient, and the right route). 5 This pilot study is the first to report on the effectiveness of the NIZ in critical care. After a 3-week period, a significant decrease (40.9%) in interruptions had occurred. These results, although preliminary, suggest a beneficial effect of an NIZ on decreasing interruptions during the critical task of medication preparation. Whether this decrease in interruptions is sustainable over time needs further investigation.

Other Findings

Although the responsibility for medication preparation and administration resides primarily with nurses, physicians and respiratory therapists were observed in several instances to be retrieving medications inside the NIZ (8 by respiratory therapists and 1 by a physician). This is an example of the complex systems in which medication administration is embedded. It is presumed that quality health care is best delivered within a team approach. Caution is warranted, however, in that without communication and coordination, the team approach may also contribute to error-prone conditions. Thus, including all health care professionals in any comprehensive education for any medication safety initiative enhances its chance for success.

Another incidental finding from this study involved a situation that may affect medication safety that has not been described before. When a nurse is new to an ICU, for a while, he or she discusses and validates medications with a preceptor before administering them to the patient. These discussions usually occur in the middle of the NIZ. During data collection, conversations between a preceptor and an orientee about medication preparation occurred twice but were not counted as interruptions. Similar to the airline industry, where only relevant conversation occurs when flying at less than 10 000 feet, the purpose of the NIZ is to eliminate conversation and activities unrelated to medications. Yet it remains unclear how necessary, medication-related conversations should occur safely in the NIZ. Further, when more than 1 nurse is in the NIZ, a necessary conversation for one nurse may be a distraction for another nurse. Practices such as these that have unclear contexts need further examination.

Pharmacists have a significant role in the prevention of medication errors. Ralph Lauren Collection Silk Crochet Sweater Buy Cheap Collections QheieNNhO
Interestingly, system factors that involve the role of the pharmacy in the act of dispensing medications may in fact be a contributing factor to medication errors. In the setting in which this study took place, the pharmacy delivers medications to the ICU every hour from 6 am to 10 pm and then every 2 hours from 10 pm until 6 am . During data collection, the data collector noted that pharmacy personnel waiting to refill patient medication bins did not actively interrupt the nurse preparing medications. However, they were most likely noticed in the background, and could be a factor in the nurse’s losing concentration, feeling rushed or otherwise distracted. In the current pilot study, the potential interruption was unexpected, unaccounted for in the design, and therefore not counted as an interruption.

During the debriefing, enthusiastic comments regarding the usefulness of the NIZ and ideas for reconfiguration of the NIZ were made. Nurses’ positive anecdotal reports supported their increased awareness of medication safety and the need to remain focused while preparing medications. Several nurse practitioners and nurse managers also made comments such as, “I used to go right up to someone at the medication cart; now I wait until they are finished and leave the box [NIZ] before I approach them.” A surgeon commented on the importance of the project and recommended the use of an NIZ during induction of anesthesia in the operating room.

NIZ Layout

Several issues came up that require further consideration in a larger study than this pilot study. Red duct tape was used to create the NIZ. It was chosen because it was “attention getting” and inexpensive but was not labor intensive to implement. Duct tape, however, may not be the ideal tool for maintaining the NIZ. Over time, the red tape became worn and lost its striking clean physical appearance. Additionally, the NIZ “moves” when the medication carts are moved. In future studies, the use of a red mat, a red flashing light, or other signage may be more suitable for preserving the functional and aesthetic appearance of the NIZ.

Patterns of medication administration must be assessed before the boundaries of the NIZ are determined. In this pilot study, the zone included an area around the medication counters but did not stretch far enough to include the medication refrigerator. Including all medication-related workspace would have allowed a more comprehensive picture of occurrences and interruptions related to all routes of medications.

NIZ Practice Change

Despite the dramatic change in interruptions after the NIZ was implemented, when a new practice is introduced, ongoing education with reinforcement is one way to “cement” the practice. The study findings shed some light on the need to include not only nurses but all persons who have a role in medication safety within a complex system. In changing practice, time is also needed for staff engagement. Although consistency in a NIZ protocol is essential for widespread recognition, the culture of an individual unit may have to be considered during implementation to enhance the chances of success of an NIZ. Each nurse must take personal accountability for preserving the NIZ as a place for focus during the critical task of medication preparation; in doing so, each nurse will be part of the force that transforms nursing practice and improves patients’ safety.

Previous Section Next Section

This study was conducted in 2 ICUs and therefore the findings may not be generalizable to other ICUs or general medical-surgical units. This was a pilot study and observation sessions and hours were limited to 1 week of data collection both before and after NIZ implementation and by the availability of the data collector. The nature of observational research lends itself to additional limitations. The data collector did not know what the nurse was thinking or if he/she was distracted or interrupted with thoughts other than medication preparation. A follow-up interview could clarify the nature and scope of self-interruptions. We were unable to control for certain types of interruptions such as overhead pages, pharmacy deliveries, and alarms.

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MBA in a Day Steven Stralser - Wiley, 2004 [ ISBN-10: 0471680540 ] Chapters 1 (Human Resources) 8 (Marketing, Strategy, Competitive Analysis) 11 (Project Management)

MBA in a Day

The Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics, 3rd Edition Tim Gorman - Alpha, 2011 [ ISBN-10: 1615640711 ] Chapters 1 2 (Management functions and skills) 3 (Parts of a Business) 7 (Operations Management) 8 (Business Decisions) 13 (Financial Analysis) 23 (Strategic Planning) NOTE: You can study from the 2nd Edition if you already have it, but note that in this edition Chapter 8 covers Operations Management, and Chapter 9 covers Business Decisions. All other chapters correspond.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics, 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Business Process Management Marlon Dumas et al - Springer, 2013 [ISBN-10: 3642331424 | ISBN-13: 978-3642331428] Chapter 1 (Introduction to Business Process Management) Chapter 2 (Process Identification) Chapter 9, Sections 9.1, 9.2 (Process Automation) You may also look at Chapters 3 and 4 which present Business Process Modeling, but we expect that beginning modelers may find the level and treatment somewhat advanced. The presentations of BPMN modeling by Bruce Silver or Tom Debevoise in their books cited separately below may be more helpful.

Fundamentals of Business Process Management Business Process Management: The Third Wave

BPMN Method and Style Bruce Silver - Cody-Cassidy, 2011 [ISBN 978-0-9823681-1-4] One of several books that present BPMN modeling in a coherent way, suitable for beginners but deep enough to be useful for more advanced modelers as well. Note that OCEB 2 examinations cover only modeling, and not methodology. You can be successful in both your OCEB 2 certification and your BPM career if you study from a book that presents BPMN modeling in the context of yours or your company's chosen methodology; if you haven't settled on one yet, this book or Tom Debevoise' (below) could be good places to start

BPMN Method and Style

The Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN 2.0 Tom Debevoise, Rick Geneva - Advanced Component Research, 2011 [978-1-4635-1135-7] A presentation of BPMN modeling alternative to Bruce Silver's book (just above).

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